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RobotHeart Lab

The indie game laboratory for true psychedelic games
based on fractals, emotions, and AI


Our Projects

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RECONNECT - The Heart of Darkness

The minimalistic real time strategy game with real self-learning AI. Use your creative and tactical skills to combat a merci-less drone swarm that spread darkness and decay in the cosmos.

OUT NOW on Steam + Humble

INU - A Glimpse of Infinity

INU is the relaxing exploration adventure in a psychedelic world unlike anything you have seen before. Explore, collect, fight and evolve in dimensions that no soul has ever traveled before.

A demo release on Steam for PC is planned for early 2022




Fast paced psychedelic first person flight simulator and shooter in a never ending fractal space.

Enjoy arcade like action with delicious drum'n'bass grooves.

INU - The first Prototype

Find yourself while flowing through a dreamlike world filled with colors and fractals. The world around you is a reflection of your inner self. It’s shaped by how you interact, how you feel, how you play.

From A as in action to Z as in Zen – you decide what kind experience INU will be for you.



RECONNECT Early Access is now available on Steam and in the Humble Store