Welcome to
RobotHeart Lab

The indie game studio that takes you on a journey through your emotional inner self


INU - A Glimpse of Infinity

An infinite world that adapts to your emotions




Explore the mathematical
infinity and beauty of the Mandelbrot-Set
Collect time crystals in areas with complex and beautiful patterns

Build fractal space-stations in order to descend into Reality

Play freely with all your emotions/actions and ex-plore the endless gener-ated world
Focus to collect energy with emotional interac-tions
Unlock the mysterious fractal temple to enter the DNA-mode

Upgrade your emotional DNA to match your desired playing habits
Study your evolving fractal DNA (i.e. the seed of your space-station)
Experiment around with 3D fractals and sounds in a
holographic interface


Find yourself while flowing through a dreamlike world filled with colors and fractals.

You are an eternal soul in an infinite fractal universe. The world around you is a reflection of your inner self. It’s shaped by how you interact, how you feel, how you play.

Fight, protect, escape, explore, collect, and combine, make friends or foes. It’s your choice.

From A as in action to Z as in Zen – you decide what kind experience INU will be for you.


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