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About us

RobotHeart Lab is us, Max and Insea.
We are partners at all levels in life and complement each other through our strengths.

Max is an ingenious inventor and trained mechanical engineer. He has worked as a research assistant in AI development and has many years of programming experience. Developing games has been a passion for as long as he can remember. Probably because it is the perfect combination of thinking out of the box, unlimited creative freedom, as well as creating an experience that makes others happy. He is also known as his musical alter ego “der Schamane”. Under this name he has been active as a vinyl DJ and producer of electronic music for more than 15 years now. This experience comes in very useful when we begin the work on the adaptive sound designs of our various projects.

Insea has the gift of connecting people and ideas. She has studied International Management and worked as a marketing specialist and manager in startups. Bringing harmonious structures and love into growing businesses is her passion. With sensitivity for the small things in life and the stories behind them, Insea protects the weak and speaks up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Now, Insea brings the heart into RobotHeart Lab. She creates the structure for the growth and development of our games and research projects by managing RobotHeart Lab, its corporate communications and PR. She gives our projects a voice by putting our vision into words, creating the stories behind them, and giving the game design additional emotional depth. As a Reconnective Healing practitioner, she helps clients to reconnect to their full potential. In this process she can remind them how loving and powerful they really are.

Our games are born from our relationship and can thrive through our complementing professional experience and know-how.

It is the combination of the female and the male aspect and the deep emotions that spring from this connection that are the foundation of our vision.

About us: Über uns
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