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INU - A Glimpse of Infinity

Experience infinity, emotions and flow in a living fractal world full of secrets

INU - A Glimpse of Infinity: Willkommen

A free demo version of INU is available on Steam.

INU - A Glimpse of Infinity: Text

INU is the relaxing exploration adventure in a psychedelic world unlike anything you have seen before. Explore, collect, fight and evolve in dimensions that no soul has ever traveled before.

A magical place - strange and familiar at the same time. Shapes and structures that naturally grow like a forest in a virtual world derived from mathematical formulas. A psychedelic world not created but discovered by humans.

INU is the visualization and intuitive interaction with complex mathematical spaces (fractals) in real time.

INU is currently in the prototype phase. A demo is to be released on Steam early 2022.

Put INU on your Steam wish list now and follow us on Twitter and Co to get the latest news and / or to participate in the development.

INU - A Glimpse of Infinity: Text

Explore the magnificent alien landscapes and structures

Collect energy to charge up and upgrade your character


Fight the darkness to unlock the portal to the next fractal

Travel deeper into the fractal and heal its core

Upgrade your skill set

Evolve your character and individualize your experience


Meet the mystical spirit of the fractal world

Immerse in the flow and find yourself on a psychedelic journey

INU - A Glimpse of Infinity: Funktionen
INU - A Glimpse of Infinity: Video Player
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