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..on the quest to find true innovation in games.

THE GAMER: Über uns


You are an eternal soul in an infinite fractal universe. The world around you is a reflection of your inner self.

It’s shaped by how you interact, how you feel, how you play.

Fight, protect, escape, explore, collect, and combine, make friends or foes. It’s your choice.

From A as in action to Z as in Zen – you decide what kind experience INU will be for you.

trinity complete trsp.png

With INU, we turn the tables and developed a game that adapts to you to give you the freedom to shape the gaming experience you’re searching for in the moment.

Once you have conquered infinity in the Zoomer, you enter Reality and are free to play as you wish. At your own speed. In your own style… and INU reacts to that. The structure and map of the terrain of each Reality are directly generated from the Mandelbrot pattern that surrounds the portal station, so this level stretches into infinity as well. In each mood, you collect energy whenever you reached a state of flow. This energy can be used to make further modifications to INU.

On the micro level, i.e. with the Mutator, you can progressively alter every component of your Reality by varying the strength, frequency, and velocity of a particular mood. This complex yet simple upgrade system has such a profound impact on the INU experience that, after all this time in development, it is still challenging us developers. INU offers room to return to the flow of free, child-like play in an infinite world that constantly adapts to you.

Should you feel lost or lonely, you can always turn to NIXIE – your smart, little AI companion – to lift your spirits. NIXIE can guide you, give you hints on what to do and protect you if necessary. More details on NIXIE and how its brain functions can be found in the SCIENTIST section. Or you look out for a mission to follow. You choose your quest by simply focusing your energy on one aspect of the game.

You’re never really done with INU. There are infinite possibilities, and it just never gets boring.

THE GAMER: Über uns

We have linked fundamental game mechanics with core emotions. Using an emotional force feedback system based on the Matrix of the Emotional Spectrum (see THERAPIST), INU constantly reacts and adapts to how you play and how you choose to interact. Even if you don’t do anything at all… “Alles kann, Nichts muss” as we say in Germany. This means that you can do anything you want, and there’s nothing you have to do. Discover how you want to interact with it.

INU can be a space explorer, puzzle, mining game, shooter, or strategy game, just to name a few.
Find your flow and play whatever feels good in the moment.

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THE GAMER: Über uns
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