Welcome to
INU - A Glimpse of Infinity

INU playfully combines art, science, self-reflection, spirituality, and music… and of course, gaming.
So there are different perspectives from which you can describe the vision and background of INU.

Just like you, INU is diverse, infinite, and permanently changing. Therefore, you can decide which description(s) best resonate with your cosmos and context. The five key components of INU are represented by five basic colors to give you an individual roadmap to INU.


..on the quest to find true innovation in games

With INU, we turn the tables and developed a game that adapts to you to give you the freedom to shape the game/experience you’re searching for in the moment.



..expressing feelings in music and visuals

INU communicates exclusively through colors and shapes and everything you see has a meaning. When music comes in, INU becomes the instrument through which your own feelings can be playfully expressed in the form of music.


..in love with the beauty of nature.

We have created a fractal-structured universe based on the Mandelbrot-Set, a particularly beautiful fractal, also called the fingerprint of the universe. The INUverse is procedurally generated in real time and is inhabited by self-learning AI creatures.



..seeking new tolls to help others heal

INU can serve as a tool to become aware of unhealthy emotional patterns and overcome them. It is a safe space for free play and the experience of flow in a virtual reality that is shaped by emotions.


..creating a brighter, more conscious future.

Our vision for INU is to help players become more aware of their emotions and how these emotions affect the way we perceive reality.

To be able to understand how others feel, you must know your own emotions and understand their power.


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