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for INU - A Glimpse of Infinity
(Demo Release)

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Game Description

INU is an atmospheric exploration adventure in an infinite fractal universe. “Journey” meets “No Man’s Sky” in truly infinite, mesmerizing alien landscapes – not created more like discovered.

Experience infinity, emotions and flow in a living fractal world full of secrets. Explore, collect, and fight in dimensions that no soul has ever traveled before.

Enjoy free 3D movement without gravity in a world unlike anything you have seen before. Your mission is to free the fractal worlds from a dark energy, to evolve, journey on and spread your light.

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Fly weightlessly through mesmerizing 3D landscapes and discover an endless variety of fractal worlds.



Fill up your resources in fly-by and manage your energy in an intuitive, easy to use management system.



Defeat the darkness with simple yet challenging combat and auto-aim for constant flow state.

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Minimalistic UI Design

The player body serves as energy management system, health bar and more. All UI elements are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Texts are displayed with a delay to avoid disturbing the flow state.

Player Progression

With each level-up you customize your character in five complementary systems - booster, ammo, armor, sensors, weapon upgrades. Diversify or specialize – every run is different and you can never have it all.

Faithful Companion

Enjoy the help and company of your robotic companion. NIXIE carries story and gameplay info, a flashlight, and a protective shockwave. It even has its own upgrades and progression.

Fight the Dark

The opponent is a dark energy, visible as black cancerous ulcers (enemy bases). They keep the portal between worlds blocked and are to be destroyed by player. Flying units protect the bases by searching for the player and attacking directly.

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Fact Sheet

Game Name

INU - A Glimpse of Infinity


RobotHeart Lab, Maximilian Knape




PC (game pad controls highly recommended)

Release Date

Demo: 21.02.2022 om Steam
Full release: August 2022 (subject to change)





Maximilian Knape (Design, Development, Art, Sound)
Insea Landt (Marketing, PR, Business)
Niels Binias (Sound Design, QA)
Tom Kotschate (Sound, QA, Business Development)

Contact or use the contact form

Press copies available upon request


@robotheart_lab on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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About us

RobotHeart Lab is a Leipzig based studio developing mind-expanding software and games. Our mission is to create digital spaces in which the nature of one's self can be playfully experienced through the interplay of fractals, emotions and AI. Our products are innovative computer games of different genres as well as "technodelics", digital tools for consciousness expansion and self-awareness.

We want to combine games and fractals so that players can experience emotions, stories, and adventures in infinite virtual worlds not designed by humans, but only recently discovered by them.

You want to know more?! Contact us and we'll tell you all about our magic.

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Logos & Screenshots

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