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..expressing feelings in music and visuals

THE ARTIST: Über uns
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This section is still WIP.

We will add additional information shortly.

Click here to read the full section about the art of INU on the project page of our finished crowdfunding campaign.




INU is a work of art for two reasons. First, it can simply be looked at for hours and admired for its very special, minimalistic, and yet colorful art style. It’s a pleasure to observe the changes of the Mandelbrot fractal, to notice new patterns evolve, and to experience infinity as a spectator. Or take a break from everything you can do in Reality and pause to watch the clouds pass over the dreamlike, infinite landscape that surrounds you.

Second, everything you see in INU has a meaning. INU communicates exclusively through colors and shapes.

THE ARTIST: Über uns

The vibrant base colors symbolize certain play moods and the corresponding player actions. When switching between moods, the controls, as well as the complete look and feel of INU, change: from camera perspective and agility to color perception and lighting in the scene. All of this together completely transforms the way you perceive the world around you.

Superfluous decoration would only cause confusion in a world like this. Therefore, our credo is “Minimize to maximize”:

  • As few decorations or embellishments as necessary.

  • No text. No numbers.

  • No hierarchical menu or complex controls. Instead, the game itself is the menu.

  • Clear colors, distinct shapes, and high contrast.

  • Simple, self-explanatory pictograms to guide the player.

Let me see!
THE ARTIST: Über uns
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